working title

19.6.20 – 17.7.20

Daily from 21 Uhr  

At the opening we show Carsten Tabel‘s work „I could have done that” and an Episode of the reality TV series „work of art – The next great artist”.

The question: “Can you tell us something about your work?“ is probably the most
common entry point into an artist talk. An unconditional request to explain the artistic work – the artwork.
The exhibition working title considers this challenge to be only a supposedly unconditional one: after all, the view of the artistic product leaves out the conditions and structures under which artistic work takes place, as well as the conflicts that accompany the artistic working process.
Based on these considerations, working title presents comments and documentaries, which have their focus especially on artistic production and shifting working conditions. The background becomes the object. The participating artists from various disciplines show their strategies in dealing with the framework conditions in which their artistic work takes place. All these experiments are projected onto the windows of the exhibition site BLECH and are combined anew each week.
The observation of this background – the individual artistic working conditions, strategies and framework conditions is intended at best to promote contemporary insights into the possibilities of art and the relationship between art and society.

Further information on the program is going to be made available on the Instagram Account @working____title

Poster: Thea Kleinhempel