Raum für Kunst Halle e.V.


Since March 2019, BLECH. is a space for interdisciplinary art exhibitions and projects. It is the first long term project of the Raum für Kunst Halle e.V.

BLECH. makes young, contemporary art visible. To introduce ourselves, we first used the space for exhibitions that presented works of our collective. Different topics set the frame for various group exhibitions, in which we presented our distinct artistic positions together.

With our rapidly growing network, in 2019 we were able to invite artists and collectives from Dresden, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, and Stuttgart. The invited artists/collectives developed their exhibition concepts themselves. We find that every region, collective, art school etc., define their own distinctive set of rules concerning making, curating, and exhibiting art. Thus, together with the audience, their exhibitions at BLECH. broadened and deepened the discourse about art and exhibition/curating practice.

Furthermore, we hosted two art pedagogic projects. ‚EINE WELT AUS TON‘ (‚A world of clay‘) and ‚WIR SIND PAPPSTADT‘ (‚we are cardboard city‘) opened the doors not only for the usual audience, but also school groups and other visitors, and invited them to work together in our rooms. Magical creatures, forms, waves, and creative clay buildings – a literal ton of clay turned into a world of its own. A stop-motion documentation shows how the world of clay evolves and disappears again. For ‚PAPPSTADT‘ we again cooperated with school groups, who enthusiastically built their visions of city life out of cardboard and lots of paint.

Due to COVID-19, we had to adapt our program for 2020 to the current situation and postponed a few projects.

The exhibition ‚working title‘ ran as a window display. We are relieved that we were able to find alternative exhibitions dates for ‚Form.Fem’ and ‚Verbrannte Orte‘. Adaptable formats such as the Open Call ‚i put a spelling on you‘, to be exhibited in November, complete our 2020 program.


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