an exhibition for an indefinite period of time

Currently, artists and cultural freedom are coming under existential pressure.
Unfortunately our door has to remain closed for the time being too.

Therefore members of BLECH – RAUM FÜR KUNST HALLE e.V. initiated this showcase exhibition, in order to at least allow a view of young art in passing. Nevertheless, it is representative of the many artists who would have to keep their works hidden for an indefinite period of time.

We would like to organize more of these window exhibitions in the urban space of Halle and to preserve this space in order to make contemporary art experienceable also in the future and to enrich the cultural landscape of Halle with a diverse range of offers.

You are welcome to help us!
Every donation counts!

Raum für Kunst Halle e.V.
Subject: Kunsthilfe
IBAN: DE85800537621894087344

Artworks by:
Simon Kießler
Margarita Wenzel
Miriam Albert
Hanna Sass
Cara Venzke
Charlotte Antony / Franz Rentsch
Jana Luck
Julia Eichler
Alica Khaet
Michael Seefeldt
Marie Siewert
Katja Neubert

Fotos: Jana Isabella Luck