Konzert mit Alex Mendizabal & Adrián De Alfonso am 12. Januar, 19:30 Uhr

Liebe Hörer:innen, Dear listeners,

we cordially invite you, wir laden euch herzlich ein zu einem Abend mit 
for an evening with sound experiments with and by Alex Mendizabal & 
Adrián de Alfonso,
surrounded by selected music and drinks, umrahmt von ausgewählter Musik 
und Getränken:

Alex Mendizabal is interested in pause and effect, building his own 
instruments and tempos.
Since childhood he composed scores for ensembles, orchestras, soloists, 
stone and paper
players, choirs, etc. In 1996, stopped writing and since then he builds 
and plays his own
instruments. He has made more than a dozen operetta (small operas). You 
may find writtings
and poems in his wardrobes and pockets.
Adrián de Alfonso likes experimenting with music, sound, narrative, 
poetry, philosophy and
performance, a combination to which he has devoted himself after several 
years working as
a mechanical engineer in the north of Spain. In his latest live 
appearances, he occupies specific
FM frequencies to amplify his sources and mics with FM transistors, 
allowing attendees carrying
an FM radio to actively participate in the shaping of the music.


Wir freuen uns sehr Alex Mendizabal & Adrián De Alfonso im BLECH 
begrüßen zu dürfen!

Ihr seit alle herzlich willkommen!